How to Juice a Pomegranate with your Pomegranate Juice Press
It’s as easy as Cut, Press and Drink!!

Everyone knows how easy it is to press an orange.   Well extracting the juice from a pomegranate with your Pomegranate Juice Press is just as easy.  Makes juicing pomegranates, oranges and all citrus fruits a Squeeze!!!

1)       Cut pomegranate fruit in half across the middle, just like you would an orange....through the equator.  (NOT stem to blossom end)   Place a glass or small bowl under the cone on your counter top to catch the juice as it flows out of the fruit. 

2)      Lift the juicer handle upwards.  Place the halved fruit flat side down on top of the stainless steel cone and pull the handle down.  The cup attached to the descending handle will form to the curvature of the backside of the fruit.  With moderate pressure, press down and watch the juice flow out of the pomegranate fruit.  Press a couple of times for maximum juice extraction.  Remove the already pressed half.  You are ready to go again!!

3)      Pass the juice through a strainer to remove any pieces of the Arils (pomegranate seeds) that may have fallen into the juice.

4)      From here it is up to you.  Drink it right from the press or collect a large quantity of juice and refrigerate or freeze for later.  Pomegranate juice freezes well making it available long after pomegranate season is over!!

Caring for your Pomegranate Juice Press

1) Your Pomegranate Juice Press only has three parts.  The basket, the cone and the actual pressing mechanism.  When finished juicing, you should only have to rinse with a mild solution of dish soap and warm water.

2) Dry your press and stainless steel parts thoroughly.

3) Lubricate moving parts in the handle mechanism with a little vegetable oil before the first use and after every use.  This will keep your press operating smoothly.

4) Your Pomegranate Juice Press includes two “Allen Wrenches” to adjust handle pressure and machine bolts.

Handy Suggestions

1) Always wash fresh fruit before pressing.

2) Empty stainless steel basket of pomegranate pieces to allow juice to flow freely.

3) We have been known to “flash pasteurize” Juice by bringing it up to temperature below boiling and quickly cooling with ice. (This step is optional.  Be careful.)

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