The Pomegranate Juice Press™ is a commercial grade press designed for home use. Made from solid cast steel with an acid resistant bake enamel coating. All components that come in contact with food are polished stainless steel with a removable strainer cone and funnel for easy cleaning.

In its handle down position it stand almost 20” tall. With the handle fully extended it is over 28”. It weighs 16 lb. Lever Action 3 Pinion Design. Extra long foot with skid proof rubber feet. Comfortable rubber handle and rubber “stop” are in the optimum position for maximum juice extraction. There is not a more efficient juice press on the market. Even presses that look similar do not have the torque or pressing power of the Pomegranate Juice Press™.

The CanCan Pomegranate Juice Press is designed to quickly and easily extract the juice from Pomegranates, Oranges, Limes, Lemons and Grapefruits. A true rack and pinion design with vertical up and down pressure prevents tipping. It provides rapid squeezing by gaining power from expanded internal volume of the juice tray. Extra deep stainless steel bowl minimizes splashing.

The Pomegranate and Citrus Juice Press is structurally compatible to all kinds of fruit. The upper press provides 30% more juice compared to other equivalent juicers.

Slip preventing rubber feet. When the juicer is placed on your counter, a perfect and comfortable squeezing position is maintained without slippage. Comes with Bonus Free Lime Squeezer!!