With a passion for Pomegranate Juice

There have been volumes written about pomegranates since biblical times.  They are one of the oldest cultivated fruits know too civilization.  You can find information about their origin, health benefits, recipes etc.  Folks have been juicing pomegranates and touting their benefits forever!! 

The pomegranate is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and was cultivated and naturalized over the whole Mediterranean region since ancient times. The pomegranate was introduced into California by Spanish settlers in 1769.  In this country it is grown for its fruits mainly in the drier parts of California and Arizona.

Pomegranate juice is a juice made from the pomegranate fruit – an unusual seedy fruit with a tart, yet sweet taste. While the flavor of pomegranate juice is really delicious,  the health benefits of the juice are extraordinary.  By packing quite a punch of vitamins, antioxidants and folic acid, a single pomegranate can provide an adult with 40 percent of their daily vitamin C requirements. Pomegranate juice is full of powerful antioxidants. In fact, a glass of pomegranate juice can provide you with more antioxidants than any other juice and even contains more antioxidants than antioxidant-rich red wine.


The fruits and the drinking of pomegranate juice in the US have been popularized over the past several years.  You can buy the juice, most of it processed and rehydrated from concentrate.  You even see containers of the fresh arils or the seeds in plastic containers in many markets.  And still, if you inquire about “How to Juice a Pomegranate” from the fresh fruit, you will get all kinds of wacky methods.  It’s like we haven’t come out of the dark ages. 

After having experienced a street vendor pressing juice from pomegranates and oranges and making a mix of the most exquisitely wonderful, delicious tasting juice, I knew I needed to bring this back with me to the US.  Of course, nothing worth doing is ever easy.  So after several years of searching and discovering and redesigning and optimizing, we have finally come up with the Pomegranate Juice Press™.  This is the best, most efficient and easiest way to extract juice from a pomegranate.  


A glass of pomegranate juice can provide you with more antioxidants than antioxidant-rich red wine.